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Is it safe to buy iPhone from Delhi Chor Bazaar?

Is It Safe To Buy IPhone From Delhi Chor Bazaar?

Delhi’s Chor Bazaar is the bastion of cheap shopping. It is believed that all expensive items are available at cheap rates in Delhi’s Chor Bazaar. Although it is true that all mobile accessories, clothes, and everything like iPhones, Android mobiles, headphones, chargers, power banks, etc. are available in the Chor Bazar of Delhi.

Delhi’s Chor Bazaar is a famous market where everyone goes for a walk and buys expensive goods cheaply. However, are the things bought from Chor Bazar good? These are not completely true. Let’s read further.

Is it safe to buy iPhone from Delhi Chor Bazaar?

No,not at all! Buying an iPhone from Delhi Chor Bazar is not safe. Because it is almost impossible to bypass the iCloud account once the phone is stolen or lost, it welcomes you with a screen where you need the Apple ID and passcode. That’s why the stolen mobile will not be safe.

However, there are now ways to bypass the iCloud ID. But even after bypassing the ID and password, you may face difficulties in doing any service on your iPhone.

Apart from this, if you buy an iPhone from Delhi Chor Bazar, then you can be a big fool, because they take out things like the camera, speaker, etc. from stolen phones like the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, or others. Due to which the iPhone does not work properly and becomes dead.

If the owner of the iPhone files a report of theft, then the iPhone can be easily caught. That’s why you don’t buy an iPhone from Delhi Chor Bazaar.