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Jawa Eye Earning App: Login, Real or Fake Review

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This guide will provide a complete review of the Jawa Eye Earning App: Login Process, Real or Fake, safe or Not, Jawa Eye Customer care number, and more.

What is Jawa Eye Earning?

Jawa Eye is an entertainment app developed and offered by “JawaEye to develop”. It is available as an Android app and website. Jawaeye app includes movies or entertainment content that provides a way to invest money in the movies and you will get profit from your invested money.

The Jawa Eye Earning app claims that you can invest in films and earn money using your mobile devices. Its site is also available, where you can complete simple tasks and make money easily.

Jawa Eye App Review

 Platform Name -Jawa eye earning App

Country- Indonesia

Owner- Not Available

Available- Google playstore, website

Rating- Not Good

Review – Average

Customer Review: Negative

Official website –…..

Jawa Eye Login

To login into the Jawa Eye website and app, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the official website of Jawaeye.
  2. Direct link:
  3. Select a category you want to login to such as Email login or Phone login.
  4. Enter the required details such as Email address, and phone number.
  5. Enter your Password.
  6. Clcik on Login.

Jawa Eye Registration

Follow the steps below to Register your account on the Jawa Eye app or website.

  1. Visit the official jawaeye website or App.
  2. Direct Link,
  3. Click on the Register Now button.
  4. Select a category by Email registration or Phone number registration.
  5. Fill out the required details such as:
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Verification Code.
    • Password
    • Invitation code.
  6. Click on the Register button.

How does Jawa Eye App work?

The concept of the Jawa eye app is users need to invest their money in movies for just $50 they get a profit of around $1 only, which is less according to investment.

Users can earn money through investments, engaging tasks, and referrals claim from the jawa eye app. When your minimum payment and complete the threshold, you will withdraw your money through various payment methods such as recharge, crypto, and bank transfer.

Jawa Eye App Real Or Fake

According to good research on the internet and customer, Jawa Eye App is not safe to use. it is a fake app that claims that you cannot make money by doing any task or investing money.


  • The app interface is good
  • Withdrawal option available


  • The company is not verified
  • There are many complaints against the company
  • The company did not even give the bank number
  • No one is in favor of the company
  • Owner name not defined
  • Customer care is not available
  • website security is not original
  • Payment withdrawal problem
  • No Legal Documentation

Jawa Eye App Withdrawal Problem

If you are experiencing a withdrawal problem with the Jawa Eye app, you need to reach the payment limit via the website and app. When you try to withdraw your money, it shows an error or the server is down.

As we have already mentioned above, the Jawa Eye earning site is not a safe site for online earning. It is a fraud; it runs away with the money you invest.

Then, you must contact the Jawa Eye Customer Support team, to ask about the withdrawal problem. but it is not sure of get a return from that kind of site application.

Jawa Eye App Customer Care Number

To discuss any questions, you will contact the Jawa Eye App Customer Care by phone number by email. but unfortunately, Jawa Eye App Customer Care Number or email address is not available.

How to contact Jawa Eye customer care?

Unfortunately, you cannot contact us through the Jawa Eye site or the app owner.


Overall, the Jawa Eye app or site is a scam or fake platform that traps people who don’t know about it. And run away after investing money through the app. Please do not associate with any app or site without knowing the correct information.