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How to Download Vanshavali Form PDF


Check the Process to download Vanshavali Form PDF, Vanshavali Certificate PDF Form, and how to fill Bansawali Format here. You can download Vanshavali format from here. How to make Vanshavali?

Nowadays Vanshavali seems to be very useful. It is especially used in land and property matters, after which it is also used in caste and residence certificates. so, we are going to tell you about the complete information on Vanshavali Form PDF online Download.

Vanshavali Form is still required in many works. you must make a Vanshavali (genealogy). once you make it you will be able to use it where it is required. you will have to be shown Vanshavali based on your lineage. Which is to write the name according to the descendant of the applicant and the relationship with the applicant.

How to make a Vanshavali?

Creating a Vanshavali (genealogy) is very easy. For this first check the land receipt or khatian carefully to find out in whose name the land is registered. if the land is registered in your grandfather, great-grandfather or father’s name. Now you have to show the lineage of the applicant like Grandfather>>Father>>Son.

You can get it made in online cafes and after that, you can also make it yourself.


Process to Make A Vanshavli (Genealogy)

  • First of all, you have to start with the name of your Khatiani Raiyat in whose name your land is like Grand Fater or Great Grandfather or mother.
  • After this, write the names of all the sons and daughters they have.
  • Then, below your father’s name, write your full family member’s name.
  • After that, Underline your Name, now this genealogy will be done for you. But it is also necessary to have the signature of your head or the municipality.
  • You can use the genealogy to get the caste certificate made, and can also use it in the income certificate.

Vanshavali Form PDF Download

The genealogy/vanshavali form is available to download in PDF format for interested applicants. You can download the form, take a printout and use it in your application work. Now you will have to give the complete information about your lineage, which they will carefully display in the form of a family tree.

Download Vanshavali Form PDFClick Here