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Cyber Cred Loan App Review: Real or Fake

cyber cred loan app review

If you are looking for the right information about Cyber Cred Loan apps real or Fake, RBI Registered or Not, etc. read this review to get the real information about the CyberCred Loan App.

Cyber Cred Loan App is an online application that claims to provide online loans through the app by determining the credit limit of the user based on his profile. However, taking online loans has become very risky. Due to demand, scams are also increasing, hence the public needs to be careful. Before applying for an online loan through any app or website, we must check whether it is real or fake.

Cyber Cred Loan App Review

Cyber Credit offers LOC (Line of Credit) services in India, it provides preset loan credit which users can avail at any time. Its headquarters is in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

This app claims to provide loans online after determining your credit limit based on your location, income, job, liabilities, company position, property and many other factors but it can be unsecured.

CC Loan App gives the customer the freedom to take loans as per their need. Customers can also decide to repay the total balance in one payment or make only the minimum monthly payment.

Here is the Cyber Cred Loan App details avaible.

NameCyber Cred
Types of AppLoan
Loan Amount1,500 to 1,10,000Rs
Minimum Credibility91 days
Maximum Credibility1 year
Maximum APR35%
Processing Fees18%
Age limit18+

Cyber Cred is Real or Fake

Cyber Credit is a third-party application and it claims that it provides loans to all those who want as much. But, it is real or fake?

This loan app is not available on the Google Play Store due to the invalid services. so that, it is not trustable right. It claims that it is RBI-registered, but it is not. Because Google will removed from the Google Play store, it is not trustworthy. these two things indicate it can be a Fake app. So if you thinking of applying for a loan from a Cyber Credit loan App or website. we have not recommended doing this.

from research or other sources, there are some indications that cyber cred is a scam.

  • Owner details are not available.
  • No registration details or number.
  • Many online complaints by users and tech YouTubers.
  • Review and rating are not satisfying.
  • Customer service is not available.
  • Send false messages of sending money.
  • Asks for double payment in a week.
  • They may even try to kill or blackmail your family.

Our Recommendations: However, the app is not available on Google Play Store and seems like a scam. Therefore, it may be better for you to stay away from it. Because they can commit fraud with your PAN card and other information, or even blackmail you.

Customer service

Phone Numbernot Available
Address11th Floor, Landmark Building, 228A Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd,
Near Minto park, Beck Bagan, Ballygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal, INDIA 700020