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Windows 12 Brand Ambassador Fake or Real News- Dolly Chaywala

windows 12 brand ambassador fake or real

If you are looking for a Dolly Chaywala Windows 12 brand ambassador fake or real. then this article will clarify you. Dolly Chaiwala became the brand ambassador of Windows 12 after meeting Bill Gates. what is the real truth behind the viral news?

Windows 12 Brand Ambassador Fake or Real

Nagpur’s tea seller Sunil Patil, known as Dolly Chaiwala. After meeting Bill Gates, Microsoft announced Dolly Chaiwala as the brand ambassador for its upcoming operating system update, Windows 12. Is it true? After fact-checking the viral news claim on social media, we came to know that.

Really, this is shocking news for all of us”Dolly Chaiwala made brand ambassador for Windows 12″. this is unbelievable to all Educated persons and IITians who have major degrees in information technology. But, what is the Truth of Dolly Chaywala Windows 12 brand ambassador?

It is fake news that Dolly Chaiwala has been made the Microsoft Windows 12 brand ambassador. Because Microsoft has not even revealed the release date for Windows 12. Its release can be expected in late 2024 or early 2025.

This is true, there has been no official statement from the company about working on Windows OS. Choosing Dolly Chaiwala as a Windows 12 Brand Ambassador news is absolutely fake.

In the business world, such news usually goes viral with fanfare. But neither Microsoft nor founder Bill Gates has said a single word about this. So, the news about “Dolly Chaiwala as a Brand Ambassador” is definitely fake and just for fun.