Get Rupee App Real Or Fake (Review)

Get Rupee App Review: Today, we have a Get Rupee app, an online loan app/website that fools all the onlookers. Many people apply for loans but they do not get any money and they get scammed.

So friends, through this article, we will guide you about Get Rupee App?, Is Get Rupee App Real or Fake?, Get Rupee App safe or not? How does Get Rupee App Works? and many more others.

Let’s read this complete post to get accurate answers to all your questions about Get Rupee App.

What is Get Rupee App?

Get Rupee is a loan app that offers quick and easy loans to Indian users. Now, the app is not available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The Get Rupee app claims that people can get a loan easily at a very low-interest rate. but nothing is true. because the app seems fake and scams people.

So let’s review whether Get Rupee is a legit or fake loan App.

Get Rupee App Review:

  • App Name: – Get Rupee App
  • Status: – Fake
  • Platform – Google play store or app store (Not available)
  • Category: – Finance
  • Developer: – Get Rupee Company
  • Contact: –

Get Rupee App Download

Get Rupee app can be downloaded from the Google play store or Apple appstore. but now it is not available on both platforms. Google has removed this app from its platform due to scams and not being legit. You can check whether Get Rupee app is real or fake.

Get Rupee App Real Or Fake:

Yes, the Get Rupee app is not safe. This is fake. There are many reasons to prove it is fake or a scam. The online presence of this loan app is not available. After doing a little research, it was found that blackmail is done after giving the loan.

  • The loan app NBFC company detail is not available
  • License or certificate of loan app is not available
  • Appropriate terms and conditions.
  • Privacy policy is not clear
  • CIBIL score is not mandatory
  • Customer service is the worst
  • Bad reviews,
  • No information about the Get Rupee app founder
  • Registration details not found
  • The address and name of the Grievance Officer are not available
  • No active social media accounts are available
  • Not available on Google Play Store and appstore.

How to Identify Loan Apps Real Or Fake

According to the RBI, it is mandatory for any loan and finance app to mention the name and grievance officer details of the NBFC in the policy. But none of these details are available in the Get Rupee app. So this app cannot be genuine.

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