Is Genesis Earning App Real or Fake (Review)

Genesis Earning App Real or Fake: If you are using Genesis App to make money, In this article we are going to review Genesis App Review: Is Genesis Earning App Real or Fake? Genesis App Legit Or Scam?, Does Genesis App Pay Money?, and other questions such as “What is Genesis App?”, “Is Genesis App Real or Fake?”, “Is Genesis App safe?”, and “How does Genesis Earning App Work?”.

Most people use this app to earn money, but they are always in suspense about whether Genesis Earning App is real or fake. This app gives money or not.

Let’s read the Genesis App Review and full details.

Genesis App Details

NameGenesis App
DownloadsNot available
RatingNot available
ReviewsBAD – Negative review
AvailableGoogle Play Store

What is Genesis App?

Genesis Earning App is an earning platform that claims to provide a chance to make money using your mobile or tablet. They offer certain tasks, you need to complete and get some money and withdraw also. if you invest some money or refer your friends you will get some reward or money.

Genesis App Investment

Talking about Genesis App Investment, it has two plans like LA Plan and ER Plan.

  • LA Plan – It comes with a 55 days plan, which gives you 1000000 for investing Rs 1.5 lakh in 55 days.
  • ER Plan- This plan is a 5-day plan in which the company pays Rs. 666500 on investing Rs. 133300.

But the question is, Genesis app really give money to your bank or wallet? so I am going to talk about how good or bad this app is. We are checking whether Genesis Earning App is legit or fake.

Genesis App Login

To login to the Genesis earning app, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official website of or the App.
  • Select login and enter your email address or mobile number.
  • Enter your Password.
  • Click on the Login button.

Genesis App Real or Fake:

The official website of Genesis is it is a Fraud Site. it is not available on the google play store or apple app store. you can not access the

There are some red flags that suggest that the Genesis app may be a scam:

  • The payout rate of the app is very low.
  • The app has been blamed of using fake reviews.
  • Users have reported being unable to withdraw their earnings from the app.
  • The terms and conditions of the app are vague and confusing.
  • The app’s website is poorly designed and lacks credibility.

Is Genesis Site Safe? No, it is not. because:

  • Poorly designed site,
  • No information about the founder
  • Registration details not found
  • Not a complete description of the work,
  • Lots of bad reviews online,
  • No official contact details,
  • no proper contact details,
  • Hundreds of people complain online,
  • All the certificates and proofs shown in the app are fake,
  • no active social media accounts,
  • Everything shown in the app is completely fake.

Genesis App Withdrawal Problem

There is a problem with withdrawal with this app, when I also wanted to earn money from Genesis earning app or site and tried to withdraw money, a server error would have been seen. This company is giving money to many people and not too many people. And somewhere some tell such a problem that all these apps cannot be trusted.


After researching and using this Genesis website or app, we do not recommend investing money. Because this type of app is not reliable, such apps open for some time and run away with their money by luring people.