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How to Add Music to Instagram Notes 2023 (Complete Guide)

Add Music to Instagram Notes

Most Instagram users are finding an easy way to add music to Instagram notes. Here you will get the best guide, and you can now put songs in Instagram Notes. Instagram Notes allow users to share text messages, emoji, and music with close friends and followers.

Friends, Instagram allowed its users to add songs or music notes as quick text-based status updates on the site and app. You can now add music to your Notes status posts on the Meta-owned social networking platform.

Therefore, we have shared a step by steps guide on how to put music in Instagram notes and how to add songs to Instagram notes on Android and iPhone also. 

How to add music to Instagram notes?

To add music to Instagram Notes on iPhone and Android, You can follow these steps:

  • Open the Instagram app for Android and iPhone.
  • Go to the Chats/Message tab.
  • Click on the “+” icon in the top left corner of the screen that goes by “your notes.”
  • Tap “Add Music.”
  • Search for your favorite song you want to add.
  • Click on the song to select it.
  • Add a caption and/or emojis in the notes.
  • Then, Adjust the start and end times of the clip you want to share.
  • Finally, Tap on the “Share” button.

This is the process for adding music or songs to instagram notes on iPhone or Android Phone.

How to add music to Instagram message

You can add music to your Instagram messages by following these processes.

  1. Open Instagram on your devices such as Android or iphone.
  2. Tap on the Instagram Message section.
  3. Tap on “+” your note option.
  4. Write your caption in the notes, like “Happy birthday.
  5. Then tap on the Music button and add your favorite music.
  6. Then tap on the Share button.

After doing this, your favorite music will be inserted or added to the Instagram message or notes.

How to add songs to Instagram notes

Everyone chooses different songs according to mood, you can add songs to Instagram Notes feature by following the below steps.

  1. To add a song to Instagram notes, go to the chat/message section.
  2. Tap on the PLUS icon (+) and Add your Notes like Text, Emoji, etc.
  3. Tap on the “music icon” at the bottom and choose the song that you want to add.
  4. Set the timing of your song from start to finish.
  5. Then tap on the share button from the right top corner.

How to share music on Instagram notes on Android

It is very simple to share music on Instagram notes on Android; you only need to follow the given steps.


  1. Launch the Instagram app on Android devices.
  2. Go to your Chats section.
  3. Click the “+” icon where “your notes” is available.
  4. Click the “Add Music” icon.
  5. Find the song from the Instagram library that you want to add.
  6. Add a text or an emoji with the music.
  7. Finally, tap on the Share button in the upper corner.

How to delete instagram notes

Yes, you can delete instagram notes after adding music in under 24 hours. how to do this, let’s read the easy process.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap on the Message/Chat option.

Step 3: Tap on Added Notes.

Step 4: Click on delete notes.

FAQs on Instagram notes

Yes, you can add songs to Instagram’s music library. You need to record your own video, add a song, and upload it to the reels. After that, your song will be added to Instagram’s music library. You can use it later for more videos.

You cannot add music to Instagram notes because your app is not updated. So please go to the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iPhone and update it. Then you can add your song to Instagram Notes.


So, friends, this article is helpful for you. Now you can add music to your Instagram notes. Share this step-by-step guide with your friends.