How to Buy Land On Moon from India 2023

If you also want to buy land on moon online, read this post completely: Can you buy land on Moon? Here we will tell you how you can register lunar land. The process of buying land or owning property on the moon. Because there are many people here who are eager to buy land on the moon and want to know the way.

Friends, ever since Chandrayaan-3 landed on the moon, there has been increased curiosity among the people about how they buy land on the moon from India. lunar registry land price, can I legally buy land on the moon, is buying land on the moon legit, price of 1 acre land on moon.

We will discuss everything about how to buy land on moon.

Buy land on moon price

Here are some companies that sell “lunar property”. This may change according to place and time.

CompanyStarting price per acre
Lunar Registry$25
Lunar Embassy$199
Space Resources Initiative$250

How to Buy Land on Moon

There is no legal framework for buying land on the Moon, but there are some companies that are working to sell “lunar property”. These companies usually sell title deeds or moon certificates, but these documents have no legal validity.

The Lunar Registry is a website from where land is being sold on Moon, whose official website is here are steps on how can someone buy land on moon.

Step 1: Go to the Lunar registry portal at

Step 2: Select a location for your property on the moon such as:

  • Sea Of Tranquility
  • Lake Of Dreams
  • Lake Of Happiness
  • Moscoviense (Far Side)
  • Sea Of Vapors
  • The Lunar Alps
  • Taurus Mountains
  • Sea Of Rains
  • Ocean Of Storms
  • Bay Of Rainbows
  • Sea Of Clouds
  • Eastern Sea (Far Side)

Step 3: Read the description carefully before purchasing land on moon.

Step 4: Then, fill out the application form with the full, legal name of the property owner (individual, group, or business entity) as it appears on the document.

Step 5: After that, place your order and make the payment to buy land on moon.

Once you proceed, you will receive your deed or Moon Registry Certificate of Ownership. However once you have paid the purchase price, the company will send you a deed or certificate of ownership for your property.

Note that, Buying land on the Moon is not a real estate or property investment. There is no guarantee that you will be able to use or make your own property on moon at any given time. Additionally, the laws governing lunar property are still evolving, so it is possible that your deed or ownership certificate may become invalid in the future.

Can we buy land on moon?

No, you can’t legally buy land on the moon. Because, according to the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, it prevents any country from claiming sovereignty over any part of the moon or other celestial body. so that, no someone can legally own land on the moon.

However, there are some companies that are selling “lunar property”, but these sales are not legally binding. These companies usually sell title deeds or certificates, but these documents have no legal validity.

is buying land on the moon legit?

No, Buying land on the moon is not legit. according to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, no nation can declare sovereignty over any area on the Moon or any other celestial body. Therefore, no one has the legal right to own land on the Moon.

fake or not:

Yes, the Lunar Registry and other moon land seller company is fake. There is no international law that recognizes a lunar registry or any other company selling lunar assets. The deeds or ownership certificates they sell do not and will never have any legal recognition.

Can you buy land on the moon legally

No, you cannot buy land on the moon legally.

who sells land on moon?

Currently, the Lunar Registry, Lunar Embassy, Space Resources Initiative, and Asgardia sells land on moon through the website.