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Lease Management System Madhya Pradesh-

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Welcome, This post will show you what is Lease Management System Madhya Pradesh, Lease Management System Services, How To Pay Lease Rent Online and more.

Lease Management System Madhya Pradesh Overview

OrganisationDirectorate of Town and Country Planning, Madhya Pradesh
Facility NameLease Management System
Applicable State/UTMadhya Pradesh

What is Lease Management System?

The lease management system is one of the common solutions for all the development authorities in Madhya Pradesh under the Department of Town and Country Planning. The Lease Management System aims to take the manual process to the next level in terms of functionality and automate the lease rent registration processes in a transparent manner. The system facilitates online registration, online payment, and notice generation for the beneficiary of lease rent.

What services are provided by Lease Management System?

Lease Rent Payment, Lease Renewal, Lease Transfer, and Free Hold services are provided by the Lease Management System of Madhya Pradesh. Read more information about these services.

Lease Rent Payment

This service provides information about any outstanding payment. It is also updated if the beneficiary has defaulted during the last 30 years or the current year, whichever is less.

Renewal of lease

The lease management system provides an option to the people for lease renewal. With this, all the beneficiaries are informed about the due date for renewal of the lease after a period of 29 years.

Lease Transfer

The Lease Management System provides an option for lease transfer. with the help of which you can transfer the lease.

Free Hold

The Lease Management System provides the option of leasing rent to freehold.

How to Pay Lease Rent Online?

To pay lease rent online, follow the steps given below and complete the form by filling up the required information.

1. Visit the official website of the Lease Management System Madhya Pradesh.

2. Then click on the Online Lease Payment option.

 lease rent online,
How To Pay Lease Rent Online?

3. Two options are available: Search By Property ID or Search By Mobile No./Property Holder Name/Flat/Plot/Shop No.

4. If you select Search by Property ID: you will need to select Authority, Select Scheme and Property Id.

5. If you select Search By Mobile No./Property Holder Name/Flat/Plot/Shop No.: you need to Select Authority and Select Scheme.

6. Then click on the search button.

Pay By Cash

  • Go to the official website:
  • Click on “Cash Payment.”
  • Select “Search By Property ID.”
  • Then, select the authority and scheme.
  • Now click on the search button.

Lease Offers

A lease option is an agreement that allows a renter to buy the rented property during or after the rental period. It also helps prevent the owner from offering the property for sale to anyone else. When the term ends, the renter should exercise either option.

If you deposit the payment for the next ten years from the current year together, the payment for the rest of the year is free.

Customer Contact

You can contact customer care for any query or help at Help Line Number: 07554278009.

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