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West Bengal Mobile Tower Approval in Municipal Areas – Apply Form

west bengal ,mobile tower approval

Here is the information about West Bengal Mobile Tower Approval in Municipal Areas, you can Apply For West Bengal Mobile Tower Approval form. Here is the information for the municipality mutation charge in West Bengal.

Overview of Mobile Tower Approval in Municipal Areas

OrganisationWest Bengal Department of Urban Development & Municipal Affairs
Facility NameApply For Mobile Tower Approval in Municipal Areas
Applicable State/UTWest Bengal

What is Mobile Tower Approval in Municipal Areas?

Keeping in view the ease of doing business under the active consideration of the State Government for the time being, the need to provide various services through online mode in the municipal areas and in view of the above, the Department of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs has started permission for mobile have decided to do. Tower acceptance in municipal areas through online mode without any physical touch points.

The online system has the following features without the need for a physical visit to the department:

  • Application submission.
  • Payment of application fee.
  • Track application status.
  • Download the final signed certificate.
  • Third-Party Verification.

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How to Apply For West Bengal Mobile Tower Approval?

To apply for the West Bengal mobile tower approval, you must read the application documentation, and then follow the step below.

Step 1 – Visit the URL in your Chrome browser.

west bengal ,mobile tower approval
West Bengal Mobile Tower approval

Step 2 – Before applying for mobile tower permission applicant should be registered with relevant data by OTP verification. After successful registration, you can get your User ID and Password.

Step 3 – The applicant has to log in with the user credentials of the applicant.

Step 4 – Applicant has to apply online for Mobile Tower Permission along with relevant data along with required documents.

Step 5 – The information is then verified and the feasibility of the project and other aspects of the site are judged by the corporations at various levels.

Step 6 – In the end, either the application is approved or rejected.

Step 7 – If approved, the applicant will be asked to deposit the fee and thereafter a No Objection Certificate will be issued.

Step 8 – After that applicant can download the signed copy of the NOC.

West Bengal Mobile Tower Approval for Documents

Here are the documents and details available to apply for West Bengal Mobile Tower Approval.

  • Approved drawings of the site plan/roof plan of the area in which the tower is proposed to be constructed.
  • General arrangement drawing and structural drawing of the proposed tower along with the specification of work duly signed by the empaneled Geotechnical Engineer Class – I, Structural Engineer Class – I and structural reviewer (if required).
  • Soil test report (as and when required) along with tests for slope stability from any reputed technical organization/institution.
  • Detailed calculation of structural design as per provision in the rules duly signed by the empaneled Structural Engineer Class-I and Geotechnical Engineer Class-I.
  • Up-to-date paid municipal tax receipt.
  • Clearance certificate/copy of the application form U.L.C. Branch of Urban Development Department, Government of West Bengal (if applicable)
  • No objection from TRAI, the West Bengal Fire and Emergency Services Department, and all other concerned departments.
  • Joint affidavit and undertaking (for indemnity bond, common route, and power of attorney).
  • Copy of deed and deed plan for ground-based tower and copy of possession certificate in case of rooftop tower.
  • Approved building plan of the existing building with Structural Fit Certificate from empaneled Structural Engineer Class-I and Geotechnical Engineer Class-I in case of roof-based mobile tower.
  • Duly signed bar diagram showing manufacturing steps, type and quantity of construction material to be stacked as per schedule.

What are the Application Fees?

For the ULBs within KMA area2 lakh
For the non-KMA ULBs1.5 lakh

Contact Details

Department of Urban Development & Municipal Affairs
Nagarayan, DF-8, Sector-I, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700064

  • Phone: +9133- 2334-9394
  • Email: secy[dot]ma-wb[at]gov[dot]in