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How to Check Trademark Application Status

trademark application status

One can check the current status of the trademark application online on the website of IP India. On this page, you can find out how to check the current status of a trademark application in India.

If you have applied for a trademark or wordmark, you now want to check the current status of your trademark or wordmark application. Then you are in the right place. Follow the below steps to check the status of your trademark application in India.

All trademark applications have a unique trademark application number. The details of the application are available on the website of the Trademark Registry for verification immediately after filling the application.

Trademark application status check

The trademark application status can be tracked anytime from the website of E-Register & Application Status with the website of the Trade Marks Registry. Follow the steps to check the status of trade mark application.

Step 1: Visit the official website of IP India Portal at

Step 2: Go to the Trade Mark from the menu>>Related Links>> Trade Mark Status.

Step 3: Then, Click OK to proceed.

Step 4: From the left side, click on the “Trade Mark Application/Registered Mark” option.

Trade Mark Application Registered Mark
Trade Mark Application Registered Mark

Step 5: Two options will appear, such as “National IRDI Number” or “International Registration Number.” You have to click on the National IRDI Number.

Step 6: Next, Enter the trademark application number.

trademark application status,
trademark application status

Step 7: Enter the code shown above as Captcha.

Step 8: Last, Click on the View Button.

After completing the process, the website will display the status of your application.

Track Legal Certificate Requests

To track the Legal Certificate, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Go to the official gov portal
  2. In the menu, select Trade Mark>> Related link>> Track legal certificate.
  3. Enter the Receipt Number.
  4. Enter the Receipt Date.
  5. Click on View.

How to know trademark status?

You can know the trademark status from its official website,, or the Trademark Registry Portal. You need to select the Trademark option from the menu section, select the Related link, and click on the Trademark status. Click on Trademark Application or Registered Mark, select the National IRDI Number, then enter the trademark application number, enter the captcha, and click on the “view” button.