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Download Meeseva application forms AP Telangana 2023

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What is Meeseva?

“Meeseva” in Telugu means ‘in your service’, i.e. service to the citizens. It is a good governance initiative that incorporates the vision of the National eGov scheme “Lok Sewa closer to home” and facilitates a single entry portal for the entire range of G2C and G2B services.

Meeseva aims to provide smart, citizen-centric, ethical, efficient, and effective governance facilitated by technology. The initiative includes universal and non-discriminatory delivery of all government services to citizens and businessmen at all levels and improved efficiency, transparency, and accountability for the government. The initiative replaces the government-citizen interface at all levels of administration with a shared governance model.

The project brings a digital PKI-enabled integrated architecture through multiple service delivery points by fusing various pre-existing state initiatives with mission-mode projects like State Data Center (SDC), State Wide Area Network (SWAN), and Common Service Center. Is. (CSC) of the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of the Government of India.

MeeSeva adopts the concept of central pooling of all land records, registration records, and Socio-Economic Survey records, digitally signing them with the digital signature certificate of the authorized officer, storing them in the database, and using the web service. Presents using them. All the documents provided are digitally signed and electronically verifiable making them tamper-proof.

The project strictly adheres to the Citizens Charter deadline and ushered in a new paradigm of over-the-counter services for direct workflow services through large-scale porting of databases and bulk signing.

Kiosks are run by self-employed youth in the remote corners of the state who provide a decentralized self-governance backbone to the administrative system apart from running their livelihood. Multiple service delivery points run by citizens competing with each other redefine governance and strictly adhere to citizen charter deadlines.

Meeseva also ended the ‘tyranny of ink signatures’. Most office-bearers ranging from Tehsildars to Police SHOs to Municipal Commissioners are using digital signatures to fulfill Meeseva requests, making it the largest such system in the country. The process of engaging with Meeseva has become a guiding philosophy of governance in the state which has emerged as a silent wave and its pervasiveness has reshaped many dying processes and approaches. Its effectiveness can be measured in the satisfied eyes of the citizens to strengthen the democratic foundation of our country and bring citizen-centricity to the fore. With the implementation of MeeSeva, the platform is set to truly implement and monitor the Right to Service Act.

How to Download meeseva application forms?

To download the Meeseva application forms ap, Telangana, or in English. you can follow the given below link.

  • Andhra Pradesh meeseva application forms –
  • Meeseva application forms Telangana –

How to check Meeseva application status in Telangana

  • To check the meeseva application status in telangana, you must visit the official website -(
  • Enter the “Application number” in the “Know Your Application Status” Box.
  • Then click on the Search icon, and your status will appear on the screen.

How to check Meeseva application status in AP?

  • To check the meeseva application status in Andhra Pradesh (ap), you need to go to the official website –
  • Then enter the “Application number/transaction number” in the Check Your Application Status box.
  • Then, click on the Search button.

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