Download Income Certificate Online in Tamilnadu: How to Apply Online

This article will help you to download an income certificate online in Tamil Nadu, how to get income certificate online Chennai, and income certificate download apply online in Tamilnadu. Let’s read the article below.

An income certificate is provided by the state government to the citizen to confirm his annual income, which is in the form of an official statement. This income certificate shows the various sources of income of a person. An income certificate is frequently one of the requirements for becoming a beneficiary of various citizen welfare schemes.

If you want to download an income certificate online, then you can follow the steps given below. At present, we are talking about income certificate application online in Tamil Nadu.

Income certificate download apply online in Tamilnadu?

To apply for an income certificate online in Tamil Nadu, you need to register your account on the TN eSevai portal or register for CAN to access the application form. After completing the registration, please follow the below steps.

1. After registering, sign in to your account at

tn esevai login,
TN eSevai login

2. Select the option “Revenue Department.”

3. Tap on the “REV-103 Income Certificate” option from the list.

4. Enter your CAN number and search your records.

5. Enter all the essential details and submit the form.

6. Now, upload the required documents with the specified file type and file size.

7. Then, click on ‘Make Payment’ and make the required payment.

8. After that, the application will be automatically saved as a draft.

9. Once your details are approved, the user will receive the certificate in 7 to 15 business days.

Required documents

  • PAN card
  • Applicant Photo
  • Salary Certificate (Latest Copy)
  • Self-Declaration of Applicant
  • Family or Smart Card
  • Details of houses owned ward wise
  • Details of Land Holdings
  • TIN Number and the Trade
  • Any Address Proof

How to download Income Certificate Online in Tamilnadu?

Follow the given steps to download an income certificate in Tamil nadu and Chennai:

1. Navigate to the official TN eSevai portal. 

2. Log in to your account. 

3. Go to “Check Status” and enter your Application Number.

4. Then, click on Search Button.

5. Now, click on the “Download Certificate” option.

How to Check Income Certificate Status online in Tamilnadu?

To check the check income certificate status, you must follow the given simple steps:

1. Go to the official website

2. log in to your Account > select the status option.

3. Enter the Transaction Number/ Application number.

4. After that, Click on the Search Button.


1. Can we apply income certificate online in Tamilnadu?

Yes, you can apply income certificate online in Tamilnadu from the TN eSevai portal ( you need to register your account and log in. Select Revenue Department>>REV-103 Income Certificate>>Enter your CAN number>> fill out the required details>> upload document>>Make Payment’ >> Save & Submit.

2. How many days it will take to get income certificate in Tamilnadu?

It may take up to 7 to 15 days from the date of application to get the income certificate. So you should wait for maximum 15 days.

3. How long is the income certificate validity?

This certificate is valid for 6 months from the date of issue, so the user can renew it after expiry depending on their income sources.

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