How to do Ration Card E KYC 2024: EKYC Process, Eligiblity Criteria, Documents

If you are looking to know How to do Ration Card E KYC 2024, you are at the right place, Ration Card eKYC will have to be done to get a ration per month. here is the complete process for e-KYC for ration card online, including the Deadline, Eligibility criteria, and more.

Ration Card E KYC 2024

If you are from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, or any other state, you already have a ration card and are getting food items under the ration card, then now you are going to stop getting ration because the government has now released the process of e-KYC for ration card. it is necessary to all Ration card holders.

Only citizens who completed the ration card e-KYC can get food items under the ration card in the future.

Citizens who do not complete ration card e-KYC for a long time, their ration card can be canceled by the government.

At present, many citizens want to do eKYC of ration cards, but they do not know the right process for doing ration card eKYC.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to give you complete information related to doing ration card e-KYC.

The most important question such as who is eligible to do ration card KYC? Why is it necessary to do ration card e KYC? What are the benefits of doing ration card e-KYC? What is the correct process of doing ration card eKYC?

Read this article till the end and get complete information related to Ration Card e KYC, so let’s start

Why is it necessary to get Ration Card E KYC done?

It is very important to do KYC of ration card for dense population and correct information of people. It has become necessary to do eKYC of ration card due to the following reasons:

By doing e-KYC of ration card, the government will get information about which other members of your family are yet to get ration card.

By doing e-KYC of ration card, all the ration card holders of the family will get the benefit of this scheme in the right way in future also.

By doing e-KYC, there will be a huge reduction in fraud. Like taking ration in the name of dead people, taking ration even after marriage.

By getting e-KYC done, citizens will get a new ration card.

Important Documents for Ration Card E KYC

People need to provide some Important Documents for Ration Card E KYC. Generally, it is necessary to carry a Ration Card and Aadhar Card with you.

All existing members on the Ration Card have to provide a Ration Card Number or Aadhar Card Number and fingerprint.

  • Residence Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration Card
  • Ration Shop Number
  • PAN Card
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Bank Account Details

Ration Card E KYC 2024 Process

Check out the complete process to do the Ration Card E KYC online and offline.

Online: Dear Ration card holder, You are informed that Ration Card E KYC is not being processed online from any cybercafe or unknown place. follow the below instructions.


  • If you want to get Ration Card E KYC done, then first of all you have to contact your ration card dealer. You can also go to your nearest ration card dealer.
  • Must keep with Old Ration Card and Aadhar Card to give ration card dealer.
  • And you have to tell the ration card dealer that you want to do Ration Card KYC done.
  • Now the ration card dealer will complete your ration card e-KYC process using your Ration card number or Aadhar Card number and Your Finger Prints.

For more information about Sarkar Yojana, visit the official website Government Scheme.