Download Pension Salary Slip Online Through SBI Internet Banking

If you are looking for how to download pension salary slips through SBI Internet Banking or pensioner salary slips. This article will help you step by step. This applies only to those pensioners who receive their retirement income from the State Bank of India.

A working employee has pay slips, just like a pensioner also gets a pension slip, which contains details of the basic pension and dearness allowance as well as other emoluments.

So, we have shared some simple steps to print or download the pension slip or pensioner salary slip online via State Bank Internet Banking.

Quick Guide to Downloading a Pension Salary Slip: Users can download or print their pension salary slip for the previous or current month as needed after logging into SBI Internet Banking. However, the old or previous month’s slip will be generated on or after October 2006 only, and there is no limit to downloading or printing the pension slip through the SBI Internet banking login.

Download SBI Pension Salary Slip

Follow the steps to download sbi pension slip online PDF by SBI Internet Banking.

sbi netbanking login
sbi netbanking login
  • Visit to SBI Internet Banking portal at
  • Login to your account using your username and password.
  • Navigate to the e-Services tab and choose the option “Pension Slip”.
  • You can see your account number.
  • Select pension account.
  • Select a YEAR and MONTH from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.
  • Finally, your pension slip will be downloaded immediately and will be available for printing.

SBI Pension slip download pdf

To download the SBI pension slip PDF, you need to login to your SBI Internet Banking account. Go to the eService section and select Pension Slip. You need to select your pension account, select year and month, and submit. Pension slips will download instantly in PDF format on your devices.

The SBI pension slip mentions the pensioner’s name, PPO (pension payment order) number, year, month, basic pay, DA, medical, and other paid allowance details (arrears, allowances), deduction, and income tax. Which has been paid for that calendar month.

How to Get Pension slip from sbi

Pension slips have been provided to pensioners, which can be checked in the following ways:

Through SMS: The details of pensions paid every month are provided to pensioners through SMS. When the pension is released, they get it through a notification on their registered mobile number.

Through Email ID: After the release of pensions, pensioners are provided a pension slip every month on their registered email ID, which can be easily downloaded, printed, or taken as a screenshot.

By visiting a branch or CPPC: Pensioners or you can collect their pension slip from pension-paying branches/CPPC.

SBI Internet Banking: Pensioners can download their pension slips by logging in to SBI Internet Banking.

YONO SBI: You can log in to YONO SBI and request for pension slip, which is sent to their registered email ID.

PensionSeva portal: You can download the pension salary slip by logging on to the PensionSeva website at

How to get the pension slip offline?

To get SBI pension slip you have to visit the pension service branch of State Bank of India. Ask about the pension salary slip or statement for the required months. The customer will help you in getting your pension pay slip.

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Conclusion: This is the downloading process for pension salary slips online at the SBI branch or through Internet banking. You can know all the details of your income, deductions, and tax, if any.