Is Wine Group app fake or real?

This guide will help you to know the reality of the wine group app is fake or real.

Friends, there are online learning apps or websites available that claim to make money online. but some are fake or real. Therefore, we need to research whether these types of online earning apps or websites are legit or scams.

In this article, we have reviewed whether the Wine Group app is fake or real.

About Wine Group app

The Wine Group App is an earning app that claims that anyone can earn money through their mobile application. The app requires users to complete investment tasks. In return, they get a commission.

The official website of the wine group app is

Wine Group Login

To login into the Wine Group Login, please follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website of the Wine Group App.
  • Direct link –
  • Enter your login credentials such as Phone number, email address, or username.
  • Enter your password.
  • Tap on the Login or Sign in button.

Is Wine Group App Real or Fake?

Yes, the wine group app or website is a not real platform to invest their money to earn money. this app is not legit because there is not any original documentation are available; apart from this, there no any founder detiasl, company details, contact details, etc. the winegroup website or app got the bad reviews online.

These types of apps are fake or unsafe because their purpose is to trap people who want to earn money. The app always makes sure that people can earn money by completing the given task and withdrawing money.

However, when people invest money to earn money, the developers of this app close the app and run away with all the money.

Wine Group App Customer services

There is no any customer supports are available to contact the wine group app.

Website link
Developer EmailNot available