Balls Winner App Real or Fake (Review) (Customer Details)

This article guides you all about the Balls Winner App Real or Fake, safe or not, review, customer support and etc.

The Balls Winner app provides ways to earn money by playing games such as “you need to drop a numbered ball, which synthesises large numbers with ease. When you complete the maximum, then you can withdraw money.

Many users are using this app to make money easily by playing games. But some questions are arising. What is the Balls Winner App?, Is Balls Winner Game real or fake? , Is the Balls Winner App safe? , How does Balls Winner App work? Is app withdrawal real or not?

So, let us read the complete Balls Winner App review.

What is Ball winner App?

Balls Winner App is a gaming app that provides ways to play and earn money. This is a ball synthesis game with gameplay similar to 2048. Swipe your fingers to release the number balls, synthesize large numbers with ease, keep challenging and improving, and finally synthesize 2048 balls.

This is similar to the 2048 Balls Winner app, which claims users can earn money by merging balls with the same number. But it does not withdraw any money, it only shows ads to earn money through its active users. The gaming system of the game is very different. It takes a lot of time to withdraw money, and you never reach the withdrawal limit. Even if it reaches, the withdrawal is never received.

Balls Winner App Review:

App NameBalls Winner app
StatusDoubtful (Spam or fake)
Categorycasual game
DevelopersPhillip M Stephens
official website

‘Balls Winner’ App Real or Fake:

Balls Winner App is not a real earning platform, it allows for playing games but you cannot withdraw money. lots of people are installing this app to earn money but they wasting their time totally.


  • App is available on the Google play store.
  • This app earns money through advertisements.
  • The minimum withdrawal limit is high.
  • Addictive Game
  • Easy-to-play interface


  • App is very fake and spammy.
  • withdrawing is only available in certain countries.
  • There are many red flags.
  • it doesn’t pay the users.
  • Lots of Advertisements.
  • Higher Battery Consumption

Customer details

No actual contact details are available. But you can contact the developers or customers via email. there is no mobile number here.

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