Set HDFC ATM PIN using Mobile Banking/Net banking

Simple ways to set Debit Card PIN: This article will guide you on how to set HDFC ATM PIN using Mobile Banking. if you are having trouble generating or creating an HDFC ATM pin using your mobile banking. So, don’t worry! Let’s read further.

HDFC Bank provides the feature to set up or generate a new ATM PIN online for your HDFC debit card through mobile banking. If you are interested in learning how to set up a new PIN instantly through Mobile Banking at HDFC.

We have shared a step-by-step guide with you about how to set an ATM PIN for an HDFC Bank debit card using Net Banking or mobile banking.

HDFC Debit Card ATM PIN Online using Mobile Banking

To generate or change your HDFC ATM PIN using mobile banking, please follow these steps to complete the process:

Step 1: Log in to your HDFC mobile banking app with your login credentials (username and password).

Step 2: Go to the Menu section, Click on “Pay” and select the ” Cards” option.

Step 3: Under the “Cards” section, click on “Debit Cards” and then select the debit card for which you want to generate or change the ATM PIN.

Step 4: Then, click on the “Set PIN” option. (you can follow the on-screen prompts to Set your ATM PIN)

Step 5: Enter a 4-digit new PIN and submit.

Step 6: Once you have set the new PIN, you will receive a verification message (OTP) on your registered mobile number. for this click on the Continue button.

Step 7: Enter the OTP and verify your account mobile number and Click On submit button.

Step 8: Finally, You will get a notification on your screen like “You have successfully set your debit card PIN”. after that, your old pin is deactivated with immediate effect.

Now, your HDFC debit card PIN or ATM PIN is ready to use. The pin can be used for Withdrawaling and Pos Payments.

Note: Keep your ATM PIN secret and do not share it with anyone, because is an important security. Also, choose a strong and unique PIN that should not be easy to guess.

In case you are unable to set the PIN instantly through NetBanking/Mobile Banking, please use the “PIN Regeneration” option to set your PIN.

Steps to set New PIN through NetBanking

Follow the steps to Set or generate a new ATM Pin Through Netbanking.

  • Go to the HDFC Bank NetBanking page.
  • Direct link:
  • Login to your account using your Customer ID/ User ID and password. 
  • Then, click on the Cards option and select the Debit card.
  • Now, choose “Instant Pin Generation*’’ under the Request section.
  • Choose the Debit Card number and set up a new debit card PIN.
  • Now, Verify with the OTP received on your registered mobile number.
  • Finally, click on Submit button.

This is how to set New PIN through NetBanking on HDFC Bank.

FAQs – Set ATM PIN through Mobile Banking

1. Having trouble creating my HDFC debit card ATM PIN through ATM machine, any other way?

If you are having trouble generating your HDFC Debit Card ATM PIN through the ATM machine, there are other methods available, such as mobile banking and net banking. you need to follow the above step to set HDFC Debit card Pin.

2. How To create HDFC ATM PIN without net banking and ATM machine?

You can create an HDFC ATM PIN through mobile banking. Mobile banking is another way to set an ATM PIN for your HDFC debit card. You must ensure that your mobile number is registered in the HDFC bank.